Damcho Wangchuk

Damcho Dairy

As the eldest among five siblings, Damcho had to drop out of middle school and take up the responsibility to help his parents on their farm. As his fondness to look after cattle grew, so did his zest to learn more about dairy farming. He took the opportunity to attend the Dairy Production Training by the Rural Development Training Centre, including a training by The Regional Dairy Farming Organization in Thailand. Inspired by these trainings, he took the initiative to set up a dairy farmers’ group called Khamoed Gonor Detshen to bring farmers together and work collaboratively. He serves as the chairman of the Milk Processing Unit (MPU) that was established as a cooperative initiative of Khamoed Gewog. Today, to ensure the success of the MPU with continuous supply of fresh milk Damcho launched a commercial dairy farm, Damcho Dairy, a first of its kind in Gasa Dzongkhag.

Contact Information

  • 17696828
  • damwang983@gmail.com