Bhutan Student Entrepreneur Award (BSEA) Competition

The 2019-2020 Bhutan Student Entrepreneur Award (BSEA) Competition season is now open!

Here is the link- Apply.

Deadline for Bhutan: 10th October 2019.

Eligibility Criteria
1. You must be enrolled for the current academic year in a university/college as an undergraduate or graduate* student at the time of application. Full-time enrollment is not required; part-time enrollment is acceptable.
2. You must be the owner, founder or controlling shareholder of your company and principally responsible for its operation. Each company can be represented by only one owner/co-founder.
Your business must have been in operation for at least six consecutive months prior to the application.
3. Your business must have generated US $500 or received US $1000 in investments at the time of application.
4. You should not have been one of the top seven finalists from any previous year’s GSEA Global Finals Competition.
5. The age cap for participation is 30 years of age.

*Graduate students are eligible to apply only if they have continually enrolled in a university following their undergraduate degree and not left school to work on their business or to seek other employment. Exceptions can be made for students who have taken up to 12 months’ break before beginning their postgraduate education.