Amis du Bhoutan Presents Their Donation to Loden Foundation

To supplement Loden’s stimulating effort in empowering youth through social entrepreneurship and educational programs, the President of the French association, Les Amis du Bhoutan, Dr Francoise Pommaret donates €2,000 to Dorji Tashi, the Executive Director of Loden Foundation supporting their pioneering Entrepreneurship Program in the country.

bhoutanThe two organizations began their bilateral relationship in 2011 and wishes to further their mutual partnership. With the support from individuals, corporates, NGOs and International Organizations, Loden has supported 53 entrepreneurial projects in 14 districts of Bhutan. Loden plans to support another 15 business projects by the end of 2013.

According to the Executive Director of Loden, he says that any support they receive would go a long way in realizing their objective of curbing rising unemployment and rural-urban migration ultimately promoting ethical entrepreneurial culture in the country. He quotes; ‘small drops of water makes a mighty ocean’.