Tadashi-sensei and Noriko-san visits Loden Foundation

We are thrilled to have received the Loden-Japan Stalwarts at the Loden Foundation earlier today! Tadashi-sensei and Noriko-san have shown tremendous support for our initiatives, significantly contributing to the work of the Loden Foundation. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all those in Japan who have generously donated to further our cause.

Professor Tadashi Nishihira is a professor at the Graduate School of Education at Kyoto University, Japan, with more than 28 years of teaching experience at various universities in Japan. Noriko Nishihira has a certificate of junior course in practical theology and oversees the work of Loden Foundation- Japan. Professor Tadashi first visited Bhutan in 2009 and has been coming every year to Bhutan with his wife, Noriko-san, ever since. Aside from their busy life in Japan, they continue to promote the work of the Loden Foundation in Japan.

The Nishihara couple will visit Loden’s Entrepreneurs, Scholars and the Loden ELC at Ura, Bumthang.