Despite the drizzling weather, the atmosphere was warm and inviting as ten scholars joined us in person, while another nine attended virtually. Our Founder, Lopen Karma Phuntsho, wanted to meet with our Loden Scholars to connect and understand them better.

The purpose of this casual gathering was to foster a connection with our scholars, allowing us to gain insight into their challenges during their studies, current circumstances, and aspirations for the future.

Today, many young people are grappling with confusion and concerns about their future. We wanted to empathize with our scholars and better understand their experiences. By doing so, we aim to support them better on their academic and personal journeys.

We hold great anticipation for the success of our scholars and sincerely wish them the very best in all their endeavours. For those unable to join us at this gathering, we eagerly await the opportunity to meet and engage with you soon.

Over the years, starting in 2012, the Loden Foundation has supported 89 young individuals, enabling them to pursue their tertiary studies. It is gratifying to witness the fruitful outcomes of our efforts, as many of these individuals have gone on to establish successful careers dedicated to positively impacting our society.