Contact Info

  • Phone No. 77492596
  • Email:

Business Info

  • Name: Druk Waste Management
  • Business Category: Agriculture
  • Location: Paro
  • Service Provided: Supply of fresh organic vegetables


Ugyen, founded and operates Druk Waste Management in Paro. The 33-year-old’s business has taken a massive hit as COVID-19 brought tourism and hotel businesses to a standstill, affecting livelihoods of his 14 employees and their families. But Ugyen saw a silver lining amid COVID-19’s dark cloud. He saw opportunities for farming and wasted no time in applying for the UN Loden-UNDP COVID-19 Response Fund to help himself and his team cope with job loss.

Ugyen intends to continue farming post COVID-19 situation. Post COVID-19 and after business resumes he plans to continue vegetable production business and has other plans to promote compost generation from food waste.