Result for Loden-UNDP Bhutan COVID-19 Response Fund

We are happy to announce the following candidates in the family of Loden and UNDP cohort projects:

  1. Dargay: Dargay Kharey
  2. Eupel Dakini Dorji, Thunder Dragon Horticulturist
  3. Sangay Needup, Vegetables on Wheels
  4. Karma Yonten, Greener Way
  5. Namkhar Degyal Gyaltshen, Rigpah
  6. Karma Wangdi, APAZA Organic Farm
  7. Ngawang Tenzin, The Eco-Villa Garden
  8. Kamana Gurung, PK Organic Farming
  9. Ugyen Dorji, Druk Waste Management
  10. Kinley Mo, Kinleymo Horticulture

As a part of our team we congratulate each one of you and look forward to work with you. We thank to the all the participants who have submitted your proposals.