Call for applications for the Post of Executive Director

Job Title: Executive Director

Employment type: Full-time

Basic Monthly Salary: Nu. 50,000 or higher commensurate to expertise and experience

Reports to: The President and Board of Trustees

Organizational Context:

The Loden Foundation is a registered civil society organization under the CSO Act, 2007 in March 2010. The Foundation is dedicated to fostering an enlightened and happy society through the promotion of education, social entrepreneurship and Bhutan’s culture. Loden main programmes include:

  1. Promotion of Education and Learning
  2. Development of Social Entrepreneurship
  3. Preservation of Bhutan’s Culture and Tradition

The Summary

The Executive Director shall be responsible to manage the affairs of Loden Foundation through overall strategic planning, resource mobilisation, financial management, organizational development, programme implementation, staff management and operations, and official representation.


The Executive Director is the Chief Executive Officer of the Loden Foundation. She/he is responsible for the overall leadership and management of the Loden Foundation’s operational and administrative functions. Working under the guidance of the Loden Board, the Executive Director defines the foundation’s strategic vision, and is accountable for its implementation and the results achieved. The Executive Director maintains strong relationships with a diverse range of stakeholders and funders that directly or indirectly contribute to the mission and goals of the Loden Foundation. The Executive Director has the responsibility and accountability to set the tone for organization’s external interactions by exemplifying values of high ethical standards, integrity and fairness. She/he must act in the best interests of the Loden Foundation in all contexts, and is responsible for ensuring this culture prevails across the organization’s employees and contractors.

Roles and responsibilities

The Executive Director reports to the Loden Foundation Board of Directors. Working closely with the President of the Loden Board, the Executive Director’s primary responsibilities are as set out below:

Working with the Board

The Executive Director shall:

  1. Work with the Board of Trustees to ensure all programmes and activities of Loden Foundation are aligned with the overall objectives of Loden Foundation, Civil Society Organizations Act and other associated regulations.
  2. Support the Board in its strategic leadership of the organization.
  3. Report to the Board on the operational, administrative and financial aspects of the Loden Foundation at each Board meeting.
  4. Ensure the Board is made aware on time of key strategic and operational challenges the organization is encountering in the course of its work.
  5. Represent the management and act as Member Secretary at Board meetings, and ensure effective and timely preparation and distribution of annotated agenda of Board meetings (including annual financial budgets) and minutes of Board meetings.
  6. Communicate Board decisions to the Loden’s staff and stakeholders.

Operational Management

The Executive Director shall:

  1. Ensure that the Loden Foundation’s organizational structure, operational policies, rules and regulations, and other organizational processes are sound, up to date, in conformity with the laws of the Kingdom of Bhutan (especially the Civil Society Organizations Act of Bhutan, Loden Financial and Service Manuals and other relevant regulations) and able to effectively deliver on the strategic objectives defined by the Loden Board.
  2. Work in close collaboration with the management team, put in place appropriate control measures for accountable, transparent, efficient and effective delivery of services. He/she shall ensure that there are strong fiduciary controls in place to monitor the use of Loden resources.
  3. Provide oversight of Administration and Finance Divisions to ensure the overall transparency and effective financial and administrative functionality of the Loden assets.
  4. Exercise authority over personnel and human-resource matters and further strengthen performance management by tracking key performance indicators across the organization.
  5. Maintain positive work environment that facilitates collaboration and information sharing and is conducive to attracting, retaining and motivating diverse talent within the organization.
  6. Lead the Loden Management Team for smooth organizational management and effective implementation of the programmes.
  7. Effectively manage operational or financial matters to deliver on the mandate of the Loden Foundation, including seeking additional authorities from the Board as may be needed.
  8. In consultation with the Board of Trustees, ensure that the administrative and programme policies, rules and regulation are relevant and up to date.
  9. Put in place a functional filing system and database management system for maintaining records pertaining to all aspects of the Loden management, administration and programmes.
  10. Work with the Board and the Loden Management team to develop investment policies and manage the investment of the financial resources of Loden.
  11. Hire the other staff for Loden based on Board-approved budgets and authorization, prepares work-plans for such other staff, supervises the proper performance of their duties, evaluates and (if necessary) terminates other staff.
  12. Be one of the signatories on Loden’s bank accounts.

Leadership, Programme Delivery and Resource

The Executive Director, with guidance from and support of the President and Board of Trustees, provide strategic direction for the organization, oversee programme development and delivery, and spearhead resource mobilization. Towards this, the Executive Director shall:

  1. Engage in resource mobilization strategies both within and outside the country for institutional and programme sustainability.
  2. Operationalize, lead and monitor the implementation of the Loden’s strategy and ensure the effective implementation of innovative approaches and instruments to deliver on the strategic objectives.
  3. Ensure meaningful monitoring and evaluation of the Loden programmes and performance and the provision of accurate analysis and routine reporting on the impact and performance of the Loden programmes.
  4. Oversee the management and timely implementation of all organizational programmes and contacts according to procurement systems and practices that deliver value for money and focus on the primary work of the Loden Foundation.

Networking and Publicity

The Executive Director is official face of the organization and has the responsibility to safeguard the effectiveness, reputation and profile of the Loden Foundation. For this, the Executive Director shall:

  1. Represent the Loden Foundation at the highest level, ensuring its role as a public benefit Civil Society Organization is well understood, through direct engagement with policy-makers.
  2. Represent Loden Foundation before any competent authority when delegated by the Board of Trustees or its President.
  3. Represent Loden Foundation’s ex-officio membership to committees, Boards etc. as and when requested.
  4. Represent Loden and its work with external stakeholders to build effective partnerships with public and private entities to support the work of the organization.
  5. Build and maintain effective alliances, interactions with, and ensure responsiveness to public and private partners and stakeholders of the Loden programmes.
  6. Build and maintain effective alliances and operational collaboration with government agencies, private partners and donors.
  7. Execute an effective media strategy and maintain effective communications with all the stakeholders through regular publication of newsletters, annual reports and other forms of communication as may be appropriate.
  8. Continually strive to strengthen membership, drive and networking that encourage individuals and institutions to engage in and contribute to Loden programmes.

Other Task and Responsibilities

The Executive Director shall carry out any other tasks and responsibilities that the Loden Board of Trustees may entrust from time to time.

Education, Experience, Communication and Other Criteria

  1. Well educated in relevant fields. Expertise in business and public administration, development, education and culture, financial and human resource management will be highly valued.
  2. Rich experience at executive or managerial level of public or business administration, development programmes and management of human and financial resources.
  3. International experience, particularly in development programmes and resource mobilization.
  4. Good track record in leadership and partnership.
  5. Excellent oral and written communication skills in English and Dzongkha. Candidates may submit samples of or links to public speaking and published writing in both Dzongkha and English. Proficiency in other local and international languages will be an advantage.
  6. Some track record of social work and voluntary public engagement.


Basic salary Nu. 50,000 or higher, negotiable, commensurate to the expertise, experience and output of the candidate. Other benefits and allowances shall be as per the existing Financial Regulations of the Loden Foundation.

Note: The scope of work, expected results and other requirements may be altered by the Board from time to time in consultation with the employee without significantly changing the essence of the job requirement to serve the interest of the Loden Foundation.

The Board of the Loden Foundation reserves the right to change, delay, alter and cancel the process and outcome of the selection as per power granted by Loden Service Manual 5.1.8, with due consideration of Loden’s equal opportunity policy and best practices.

Candidates must submit an application with CV, may send samples of or links to public speaking or published writingand also ask two referees to directly send letter of reference by email to by 5pm 31 July 2018. For any inquiries, please call 7719-4455 during office hours.

Shortlisted candidates will be informed by 15 August 2018 about the presentation and interview.