Parents-Children meeting in Loden ECCD centres

As part of the annual event, Loden organized a parents-children meeting in Ura Early Learning Centre on 7th April, 2015. The meeting is used as a forum to discuss challenges and priorities for the ECCD centre. The meeting was also attended by Member of Parliament, Gewog officials and representatives from Ura High School.


Loden ECCD centre was initially operated in the community house of Ura for the last seven years. However, due to the significant role played by the ECCD Centre and it’s huge potential to contribute in the early child care development process, Ura Gewog has recently offered a new infrastructure with a bigger space. The ECCD centre in Ura has been receiving an increasing community support. Two trained instructors of Loden Foundation currently run the centre.

Loden has established three such centres and plans to expand in other parts of the country in the near future.