The ‘Made in Bhutan – Entrepreneur Stories’ was launched on 25 October 2018 at the opening ceremony of Bhutan’s first Druk Tshongrig Gatoen (Bhutan Entrepreneurship Festival)

‘Made in Bhutan – Entrepreneur Stories’ is a celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Loden Entrepreneurship Programme (LEP).

It all started from learning Tibetan in a pub at Oxford with Dr Karma Phuntsho. A few years later, we decided to share our experience as entrepreneurs and venture investors. Why not in Bhutan? Lets talk to Karma! As the five perfect conditions were present, the perfect place, person, team, time and project, LEP started to take form.

Since then, LEP has trained about 3,180 young people, contributed to the creation of over 700 jobs through funding 153 entrepreneurial ventures. The projects are spread across 18 of the 20 districts of Bhutan. Beyond financing, Loden provides mentoring and networking to help young entrepreneurs who are facing unforeseen challenges. Starting a business should not be a lonely journey.

Today, entrepreneurship has gained currency in the Bhutanese society as a preferred choice for individuals to pursue their dreams, to be independent, and to contribute to the community. There is a growing number of young Bhutanese who need to be trusted so that they can fully take advantage of their potential, skills and opportunities.

A new economic behavior, a more sustainable and caring one is emerging in many parts of the world. Following such global trend of business with human values and taking inspiration from their own traditional heritage, Bhutanese entrepreneurs can play a role model beyond the countries border.

– Gerard and Anne Tardy, Co-founders of the Loden Foundation

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