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  • Phone No. 17395392

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  • Name: Noryang Samdrupling Statue Manufacturing
  • Business Category: Manufacturing
  • Location: Bumthang
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He has been working on bronze factory in Nepal since he was sixteen years old where he was introduced by one of Rinpoche. He wants to produce the same products in Bumthang by importing raw materials from Nepal rather than importing finished product. He is also making clay statue, since it is comparatively low cost comparing to bronze statue.

He targets his market with Monasteries and general public. He worked in the construction of Guru Statue at Takila. When the panelist talks about the price of the products, he justifies that people prefers for quality and ready to pay higher price. Currently he has two full time employees who help his work. When the question comes on working capital that was included in his business plan, the judges suggest him to demand for advance that will solve the issue of working capital.