Loden takes on board two female staff

As Loden embarks on the ambitious years ahead in pursuit of widening the horizons of their charitable services to the larger society, the organization takes on board two dynamic multi-skilled female staff.  Loden claims that they were carefully chosen form more than100 applicants and will strengthen their organizational capacity for more professional services.

newstuffTshering holds postgraduate diploma in Financial Management from the Royal Institute of Management, Bhutan and worked for Royal University of Bhutan before joining Loden. Tshering takes up the role of program officer and will monitor and co-ordinate the programs. She is from Paro.

Hemanta assumes the most crucial role of financial management and administration. She specializes in the management studies. Hemanta worked as a Survey Analyst for Ministry of Economic Affairs, Bhutan and recently graduated with her master’s degree in management studies from the University of Canberra, Australia.

Loden family embraces them with pleasure and looks forward to jointly building a robust and cohesive team to achieve their social objectives.