Loden submits 4200 digitised volumes to the National Library and Archives of Bhutan

The President of Loden Foundation, Dr. Karma Phuntsho, and staff of Loden-Shejun Cultural Programme submitted digital copies of fourteen temples and family archives to the National Library and Archives of Bhutan. The digital copies were produced with the dual aim of preserving the rare ancient books in digital copies and also making them available to scholars, priests and researchers. The submission including four sets of handwritten Kanjur, one Bum, one Rinchen Terzo, one Gongdue, one Kagye and one Dzodun. This is the second time the team has submitted digital books to the National Library and Archives of Bhutan. In the first submission in 2012, the team submitted digital copies of books from 20 different temple and family collections. So far, the team has submitted a total of approximately 18,099GB data containing nearly four million pages, 1,515,463 files and 4200 volumes.

The project of digitising ancient archives was carried out under the leadership of Dr Karma Phuntsho, who is an academic, to preserve and understand Bhutan’s rich written heritage. As the National Library and Archives is the state repository for books, the collections are submitted to the National Library and Archives for safekeeping and preservation for posterity. The Loden-Shejun Programme is also documenting Bhutan’s oral and intangible cultures, and art and architecture.