Loden participates in the Global Entrepreneurship Congress

Following the Global Entrepreneurship Week that was observed for the first time in Bhutan from 12-18 November, Loden Foundation participated in the four-day Global Entrepreneurship Congress that was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


The Global Entrepreneurship Congress is an inter-disciplinary gathering of start-up champions from around the world—where entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, thought leaders and policymakers work together to help bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare.

The Global Entrepreneurship Congress provides a platform for policymakers and researchers to exchange ideas and approaches on how to strengthen entrepreneurial ecosystems through policies and initiatives favourable to new firm formation. The forum helps enhance the networks of start-ups and helps entrepreneurs see how collaborative communities in cities around the world can help them in their efforts to launch and scale.

The forum also offers global public recognition of entrepreneurs for the role they play in creating jobs, building economies and coming up with innovative solutions that make the world a better place.


In Rio this year, 130 countries consisting of thinkers, doers and leaders from diverse economies around the world have participated in the forum.  The forum focussed on how both policymakers and start-up communities can better understand each other and work together to promote an environment more conducive to start-ups and the growth of young firms.

The next Global Entrepreneurship Congress will be held in March 2014 in Moscow, Russia.