Loden offers Scholarship for Another Three Students

news8Loden offered scholarship for another three students for higher education in Sri-Lanka and India this year. They were selected through open competition wheremore than one hundred students have applied for it.

Dechen Yoesel Chhoden was offered partial scholarship from Loden and Ministry of Education, Bhutan to pursue MBBA in Sri Lanka. “Although I received partial support from Ministry of Education, I was about to withdraw my candidature as my parents were not able to raise enough funds to cover my living cost. I am fortunate that Loden held my hand and helped me and my family” said Dechen Yosesel Chhoden with smile on her face.

Giri Hunag Limboo from Changmari, Samtse will pursue B. Tec. (Civil) in India. He said, “I can’t believe that my dream of becoming a civil engineer in future was not the end”. Dechen Yangzon, who came to the capital city of Thimphu for the first time during the selection, is other recipient of the scholarship. She will be pursuing Bachelor’s in Pharmacy in India. With tearful eyes, she says, “Loden Foundation has given her a new hope in life to serve her parents and country in better ways”.

The candidates were selected based on academic merit, scope of their course and family background. The Scholarship Programme aims to provide financial support and educational guidance to students who come from poor families and rural communities with little or no access to information on higher education and may otherwise miss out on higher education despite being deserving candidates for university education.