Loden mentored 20 mentors for Bhutan’s entrepreneurs to benefit


Newly certified mentors, their trainer and Loden staffs after the certificates awarded

Loden mentored 20 mentors for Bhutan’s entrepreneurs to benefit Yesterday marked a milestone in Loden’s initiative of entrepreneurship programme, with 20 competent mentors awarded with certificates of mentorship to look after and guide the new entrepreneurs in Bhutan.

The 20 mentors were awarded with certificates of mentors after the completion of rigorous training on ‘Mentoring and Volunteering,’ provided by Hoang Anh Thile, who is an experienced and versatile manager of international mentoring capacity building projects.

Mentors will be linked to entrepreneurs, who will be their mentee and the mentors will guide and help the mentees in their businesses. Before receiving certificates, the participants signed an undertaking to volunteer as mentors for new entrepreneurs in Bhutan.

The founding director of Loden, Dr. Karma Phuntsho reminded the mentors that a mentor should be compassionate and wise so as to help the mentees without self-interest and effectively. “An ideal mentor is like the Buddha,” he said. “The mentors are yongzins” the founding director said, finding a Bhutanese equivalent for the word ‘mentor’.

He also said that through the voluntary mentoring programme Loden hoped to promote the spirit of volunteerism. According to him, while there are many who volunteers for spiritual causes such as building temples and stupas, there are not many who volunteers for social causes. “Why can’t if we convert the spiritual volunteerism into a social volunteerism?” he said.

DSC_0272The participants thanked the Loden and their trainer Hoang Anh Thi Le with assurance that the knowledge they acquired will be used in the interest of mentorship in Bhutan. “We learned a lot and enjoyed the training session as much. I am sure this will also benefit the country as a whole,” one of the new mentors said as he presented a gift of appreciation to their trainer.

Hoang-Anh also expressed her appreciation for successful completion of training with the trainees and wished the new mentors a successful mentoring life ahead. She will leave for London tomorrow.