Loden Funds 20 Entrepreneurial Projects

With the introduction of Loden-DHI Fund this year supplementing Loden’s annual fund competition, Loden has financed a total of 20 entrepreneurial ventures taking the total number to 97 projects.  A total of 1.4 million ngultrums were invested out of which 50% comes from DHI. Loden has achieved an excellent geographic spread with 49 projects outside of the capital city of Thimphu spread across 19 districts. The gender ratio stands at 30% female and 70% male entrepreneurs.



Within the pool of 97 projects, Loden has achieved huge diversity ranging from Dairy Farms, Mixed Vegetable Gardens, Mushroom Centre and Weaving Centres in the remote parts of the country to Training Institutions, Waste Management Firms, IT Firms and Private Health Care Services in urban settlements. Loden supports both service and manufacturing businesses as long as they are feasible, sustainable and profitable. The projects also need to fit within the government policies and should be friendly to Bhutanese culture and environment.

This year alone, Loden had received a total of 217 business proposals. The next round of call for proposals for interest free capital seed money will be announced in February and with final selection dates scheduled tentatively around April, 2016.