Loden Early Learning Centres opened for 2013 academic session


After two months of winter holiday with absolute silence in the Loden Early Learning Centres, today we see dozens of children in it. The Centres re-opened for the 2013 academic year on 3 March 2013. There are total of 114 children enrolled in the Loden Early Learning Centres with 39 children in Bumthang, 31 children Samtse and 44 children in Mongar.

While the Centres remained closed for two months of winter break like any other schools in the country, teachers keep themselves busy by attending training workshops to upgrade their skills and teaching methodologies. Teachers say that best time for them to undergo trainings is during the winter break as they do not have to go to the school.

Total of 95 children have graduated from the Loden Early Learning Centres in the last year alone. Teachers are optimistic that their children would perform comparatively better than those children who haven’t had the privilege to attend early education programmes.

Loden launched their community based early education programme in 2008 in the hope provide equal opportunity, particularly to rural children who are deprived of early education opportunities. Loden plans to open more such Centres in other parts of the country.