Contact Info

  • Phone No. 17732699

Business Info

  • Name: Araya Zamlha Organic Packer
  • Business Category: Agriculture
  • Location: Bumthang
  • Service Provided: Packaging of dry vegetables and medicinal herbal teas, such as Rurta Tea, and Herbal Tea


Bhutan is famous for its medicinal herbs and plants, and while a large numbers of small farmers practice organic agriculture, their products are hard to distribute. “Araya Zamlha Organic Packer” was thus created as a venture focused on packaging dry vegetables and medicinal herbal tea so that local farmers could sell their products in a more efficient way. He currently employs 4 employees and 2 school dropouts to manage the machineries and carry out administrative works. The founder hopes to encourage local farmers to grow more medicinal herbs, to help Bhutan live up to its name of “Menjong Drukyul”.