Heavy Snowfall affected Greener Way


Whiles people in the capital city of Thimpu celebrated the heavy snowfall with immense excitement, Greener Way, the first waste management service firm in Bhutan was bit troubled. The heavy snowfall has destroyed the waste stock yard which has also caused minor damages to their machinery equipments.

The firm had not been able to work properly for about a week as they had to divert their attention more towards the reinstallation of the infrastructures damaged by the snowfall. In order to help Greener Way expedite the restoration work, Loden Foundation has contributed small amount grant of Nu 50,000 from their Solidarity Fund.

Greener Way, however, managed to complete the restoration works within a week time and continued with their business. According to Karma Yonten, CEO of the Greener Way, he said, “It is too embarrassing for me to see all my hard work and efforts being crushed within a day.” He also added that, “I don’t want to be at the site to get myself more disappointed and that is why I am in Phuntsholing”.

Greener Way, the first Bhutan’s waste management and recycling firm was established in March 8, 2010 with a goal to help manage the waste in an efficient and environment friendly manner. Today Greener Way has now employs 34 youth who mostly come from deprived family background.