Gérard, is Co-Founder and Director of the Loden Entrepreneurship Program since 2008. He visits Bhutan regularly to participate in the selection and mentoring of Loden entrepreneurs.

An international investor with thirty five years’ experience, Gérard has been a pioneer in the development of Venture Capital in Europe. He has been the founder and manager of three major investment firms: Citicorp Venture Capital and Schroders Partenaires in Paris, and Sitka Ltd in London. He is presently a Senior Advisor with Mérieux Equity Partners, a global investment platform specialized in the healthcare & nutrition sector, working alongside entrepreneurs with ambitious growth plans in Europe, USA and Asia.

Gérard is also an active contributor to several think tanks on social entrepreneurship. A graduate of HEC Paris and Stanford University, Gérard has been living in London from 1998 to 2018, He is based in Lisbon in Portugal since 2019.