Bhutan joins Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2014 in Moscow

Pic-2Loden Foundation was invited to join Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2014 in Moscow amongst 153 countries as recognition of its efforts in promoting entrepreneurship.

Global Entrepreneurship Congress is a gatherings of entrepreneurship champions from around the world connecting people across borders and sectors to unleash ideas that drive economic growth and improve lives.

It also involves a diverse and wide-ranging programmes and discussion of all the current challenges entailed in the creation and development of small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Pema Wangchuk, Special Executive of Loden foundation, represents Bhutan amongst about 6,000 delegates from various countries comprising of renowned entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, thought leaders and policy makers.

Pema said” it is an opportunity to build stronger international networks and find fresh ideas, which would help to develop more robust entrepreneurship promotional programmes in Bhutan”.

The Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2014 in Moscow which started on 17 March, will end on 20th March 2014.