Aum Dago Beda (Founder and Managing Director of Etho Metho Group) was Loden’s Foundation Special Guest Speaker on the 21st June 2013. Aum Dago shared her experience and gave our participants 10 tips for becoming a successful entrepreneur – Read more :

FB-Aum-DagoBuilding credibility and hard work are fundamental to be a successful entrepreneur, says Aum Dago Beda in her talk at the Loden Knowledge Centre on Friday 21st June 2013.

Aum Dago says she got the name Dago after the boy who won a scholarship to St Joseph’s in Kalimpong declined it and she was put in his place but she believes it happened because some things are meant to happen.

FB-Aum-Dago-3She says she became who she is because she was at the right place at the right time and through her persistent hard work and by building credibility over the decades.

“Bhutanese entrepreneurs are blessed with a peaceful country and good leadership which are conducive to entrepreneurial ventures”, she said.
Aum Dago’s 10 tips for becoming a successful entrepreneur:

 1. Be credible. Build your credibility by paying bills and loans on time and delivering your dues. Cut your coat according to your cloth; do not spend what you don’t have and lose credibility. My principal key for becoming successful business person is credibility.

 2. Pay your taxes, empower yourself by doing so and have your say on policy issues.

 3. Don’t be on the other side of the law. If you fail to pay on time or have a problem, don’t run away or hide. Explain to the concerned people and seek their support.

4. As you succeed, you will have social obligations. Be part of the society and help others. Don’t disengage yourself from your society when you are successful. Share your profits, make contributions, give donations and help the poor. The more you give, the more you receive.

 5. Our customer service is pathetic; improve the service before someone takes it away from you. We must change the culture of business service in Bhutan. For instance, smile. It does not cost anything to smile.

 6. We make mistakes in whatever we do. Invest 60% of your time and effort in planning and 40% in execution.

 7. Live a balanced life. Eat well, have exercise, good sleep, good relationship and spiritual life. Then, you are more successful. If you are too stressed; you become less effective.

 8. Take advantage of the opportunities, being in a benevolent country, having information on the internet, getting capital, etc. These facilities were rare in our times.

 9. Organize the business well and put things in place. I run the TV cable, Primary School, Etho Metho tours, Sagar Meto tours, construction company and all my other businesses efficiently by organizing them well and without being too occupied by them.

 10. Ask questions, it may save your life. Get over with your shyness and ask questions. Asking questions is so smart; I have discovered that only some years ago.

FB-Aum-Dago-2“Business is not just about yourself; it is about everyone involved in it directly and indirectly”, talking about social responsibility.

“I was fortunate, everything I touched turned into gold”, she said in response to a question if she had any time of despondency.

“There is great beauty and happiness when you have built everything from scratch yourself”, she said talking about her businesses.

We would like to thank Aum Dago for her time and invaluable advices !