spThe Loden Foundation was one of the first organizations to support children at school in Bhutan by providing costs for uniforms, stationeries, sports gear, etc. Although school education in Bhutan is state financed, such extra costs can be often too heavy a burden for rural families whose livelihoods are based on subsistence farming.

The foundation also supports deserving students for the higher education.

Our work is two-fold:

  • We find either a sponsor or a child as requested
  • We channel and administer the funds efficiently

Scholarship for School Children

Child sponsorship was the first project of the Loden Foundation. Loden started as a programme to link potential sponsors with poor children in the Himalayas. Hundreds of village students in the Himalayan countries do not go to school or abandon it prematurely because their families cannot afford a school uniform or few books.

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Scholarship for Higher Education

It was established as a part of Loden’s educational programme at the post-school stage, with initial support from our two stalwarts. It aims to provide financial support and educational guidance to students who come from disadvantaged families and rural communities with little or no access to information on higher education and may otherwise miss out on higher education despite being deserving candidates for university education.

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To Apply

For questions or to be updated when the next application opens, please contact info@loden.org