The Loden- Shejun Culture Program aims to preserve and pass on the rich cultural heritage of Bhutan to future generations. The programme focuses on the documentation and study of Bhutan’s written and oral traditions.

1. Documentation & Study of Bhutan’s Oral Traditions

The rich and vibrant ancient cultures of Bhutan are fast disappearing as globalization reaches even remote valleys of Bhutan. This programme aims to carry out an extensive audio-visual documentation of Bhutan’s oral and intangible cultures.

2. Digital Documentation of Bhutan’s Written Heritage

Bhutan has a lot of far-flung monasteries and temples today representing a literary treasure trove that is still unharmed and unexplored. Through this programme, we undertake digitization programme to safely preserve the precious archives in digital copies and to make them available to scholars and readers resulting in over four million images of books from some 34 temple and family archives.

Download Peling e-books for distribution:
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