Why Entrepreneurship Programme?ep

Traditionally, economic activity in Bhutan centred on farming and trading. In a rapidly changing world, such activities cannot add sufficient value and economic growth or provide employment to the increasing number of educated and intelligent young people who enter the workforce every year. The development of a vibrant culture of entrepreneurship can meet these needs. Our programme is designed to promote and encourage entrepreneurial activity, while maintaining social and ethical responsibility.


How it Works



Entrepreneurs of Loden

Under the Entrepreneurship Programme, we have a wide range of individuals delving into different sectors with different apporaches. We are proud to present our entrepreneurs.

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Loden SEED (Student Empowerment through Entrepreneurship Development) Programme

Loden SEED is an entrepreneurial education programme for college and school students. It is a unique opportunity to explore and develop the entrepreneurial potential of students in full time education.

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Resource Centre 

The resource centre is set up at the Loden Office to generate knowledge base for the entreprenuers and other interested individuals. The rescource centre is at its infancy state and we could use support for it’s development.

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To Apply

For questions or to be updated when the next application opens, please contact lhakpa@loden.org