Sonam Choden 2018

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, India

Sonam was born in Sarpang but raised in Punakha. Her single mother faces numerous challenges on a day-to-day basis to provide for the family of four children. Sonam is a very friendly person and get along well with people. She is genuinely interested in helping people and feels that becoming a nurse is the right career choice. Sonam is now pursuing Bachelor of Science in Nursing from India.

Pema Tshering 2018

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management

Pema comes from Yak herding family in Sakteng, in extreme northeast of Bhutan. His family solely depends on their yaks for daily sustenance.The eldest child of yak herding parents, he has taken up responsibilities of herding from an early age. Pema is enthusiastic about his education in environmental management and hopes he can learn ways to address the environmental challenges his community is beginning to face.

Dorji Wangmo 2018

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, India

Dorji is from Detokha, Punakha and the only child in her family to go to school. She has three siblings who are all farmers just like their parents. Her family almost took her out of school when she was in class 9 due to financial constraints. However, with help from a close friend, she continued her education. Dorji is now pursuing her life-long dream to be a nurse.

Sangay Wangmo 2018

Bachelors in History and Dzongkha, Bhutan

Sangay is the only child to a mother who is a person living with intellectual disability. Sangay completed her class 12 in 2017 but there was no other way to find a source to pay for her college. Sangay’s uncle, who paid for her entire school, was now paying school expenses of his own two children. Sangay is pursuing Bachelors in History and Dzongkha at Royal Thimphu College in Bhutan and wants to become a member of the parliament one day.

Suk Maya Tamang 2018

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, India

Suk Maya Tamang, an all-rounder student and an exceptionally driven individual born and raised in Langthel, Trongsa. Maya, as her friends and family would call her, grew up as the only girl among three of her own brothers and three cousin brothers. Maya’s father, who was a laborer and is now a driver, and a mother, who works in a poultry farm, are proud to see their only daughter pursuing her dream.

Kinzang Choden 2018

MBBS, Bangladesh

Kinzang Choden is a bright young student who comes from a small village of Changmi in Trashigang. Since her childhood, Kinzang always dreamt of being a medical doctor. She comes from a low-income family – a single parent mother whose main source of income is from selling vegetables and occasionally weaving, an elder sister and two younger brothers who are still studying.

Santosh Monger 2017

Civil Engineering, CST

Santosh graduated high school from YangchenphuHSS in 2016. He is a hardworking person who works during his vacation to help his parents. He is opting for Bachelors of Engineering in Civil in College of Science and Technology.

Sonam Choden 2017

B.A Psychology, India

Sonam completed her higher education from Sherubling Central School with an overall percentage of 70%. She is the youngest from  four  siblings and both  her parents are  farmers.

Chimi Dorji 2017

MBBS, Bangladesh

Chimi completed his 12th standard from YangchenphugHSS with an overall percentage of 77.25%.  He wants to opt for MBBS for his further studies. He is rasied by his parents along with his three siblings. His father serves in Royal Bhutan Army who is a kidney patient while his mother is a house wife.

Arpana Pradhan 2015

MBBS, Sri Lanka

Arpana is a daughter of an Accountant and her mother is Nurse. She is really passionate about studying in medical fields. Loden has supported her with a hope to streamline a shortage of medical doctors in the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Chencho Dorji 2015

Bachelors in Commerce Majoring in Finance, Gedu College of Business, Bhutan

Chencho is from Paro. His father work as a caretaker and mother is a housewife. Chencho has secured his admission as self-funding through a competitive process on meritorious to Gedu College of Business Studies, only Business College in Bhutan. He will be doing his major in Entrepreneurship development.


Dorji Om 2015

Pharmacy, Karnataka, India

Dorji belongs to a single mother, supporting two other siblings along with her higher education. Dorji has chosen to go to N.E.T Pharmacy at Karnataka.

Kuenzang Choden Dorji 2014

MBBS, Sri Lanka

Kuenzang is from Lhuntse. She was observed to be sincere and very hard working student, attributed with strong sense of morality. She belongs to a very humble family background and she is the eldest of the two siblings depending on their low income parents. She has an utmost enthusiasm to study in the field of medicine.

Nima Wangmo 2015

BDS (Dental)

Nima is from Haa. She was observed to be simple, sincere and hardworking student. She belongs to a low income and old aged parents, deprived of supporting her education. Nima has scored 71.5% in her year 12 and qualified for few other scholarship offered by DAHE and also many in country scholarship but due to her dying dream of becoming Dentist brought her to Loden.

Kinzang Tshering 2014

LLB, India

Kinzang  is from Mongar. He belongs to a family with many siblings and Most of them were farmers. He is really passionate studying a law and serving at the best interest of the society and country at large.


Bidya Nepal 2015

MBBS, Sri Lanka

Bidya is from Southern Bhutan. She has been one of the dynamic students academically since her early school days. She was passionate to be Doctor and Loden supported her in the hope to streamline the acute shortage of medical professionals in Bhutan. Her father is a Auditor and mother is a housewife.


Tshejay Lhamo 2014

B.Ed, Paro

Tshejay is from Samdrupjongkhar. Her father expired many years ago and she is lumbering her single low-income mother for her higher education. She has an utmost interest to pursue her studies and to assume noble responsibility in nation building.

Endup Lepcha 2016

BBA, Parul University, Gujarat

I am highly indebted to The Loden Foundation for the financial support and help realize my dream. I lay my assurance here that I will do my best in furtherance of the overarching goals and missions of The Loden Foundation and help realize its farsighted visions through fulfilling my dreams and be a responsible, resourceful and smart citizen of the nation.

Dechen Yoesel Choden 2013

MBBS, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Dechen is from eastern Bhutan. She has been one of the dynamic students academically since her primary school. She was passionate to study medicine and Loden supported her in the hope to add to the acute shortage of medical doctors in Bhutan. She comes from a humble family background with the entire family relying on her father’s limited income.

Diwash Chhetri 2016

MBBS, Kotelawala Defense University, Sri Lanka

As far as I can remember I have always wanted to become a doctor. Although I had good grades I come from a disadvantaged family background and so I was skeptical about getting to fulfill my dreams of becoming a doctor. Loden came to my rescue, helped sponsor my education and I shall remain ever grateful to them for helping me achieve my dreams.

Giri Huang Limboo 2013

B.Tech (Civil), India

Giri is from southern Bhutan. He worked in one of the Automobile Servicing Workshops in Thimphu generate income for his education. Both his parents are illiterate which make them difficult to support Limboo’s education.

Dechen Yangzom 2013

B.Pharmacy, India

Dechen is  from south of Bhutan. Her father expired when she was very young and her single mother having to also support 4 other saplings was not able to support her education. Dechen was observed to be sincere and hardworking students.

Phub Zam 2016

Civil Engineering, College of Science and Technology, Bhutan

“A step towards following my dream, being able to study what I wanted. Thank you Loden foundation.”


Kezang Choden 2012

BA Economics & Environmental studies Sherubtse College, Royal University of Bhutan

Kezang lost her mother when she was six years old and her father expired when she was in grade eight. Kezang received government scholarship and took commerce when she was in high school and scored 55.34%.
Kezang received continued to receive scholarship from the Royal University of Bhutan under the self finance category. Since she has no one to fund her education, Loden offered their scholarship.

Kuengzang Norbu 2016

Bachelor of Business Administration, Chandigarh University

I am sincerely honored to have been selected as the recipient for the Loden scholarship and getting to study at Chandigarh University, Punjab. It is due to the generosity and the thoughtful action of the donors that I will be able to fulfill my dreams and accomplish my goals of serving the nation.


Bhadra Maya Ghalley 2012

BA Economics and EVS Royal Thimphu College, Bhutan

Bhadra scored 64.20% from high school examination which was still insufficient for her to qualify for the government colleges and scholarships. She comes from a humble family background from Samtse, southern Bhutan who are both farmers. Her mother has been ill for last three years and the family had to completely depend on her father. She has nine relatives.

Chencho Dorji 2016

B.Tech (Civil Engineering) Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar, Phagwar, Punjab

Loden Foundation has been a hand that saved a helpless guy like me with a thousand big dreams. I will always remain grateful to you for your generous act and for being a service to humanity. Thank you.


Dorji Dema 2012

Bachelors of Commerce Royal Thimphu College, Bhutan

Dorji’s father who was an army personal expired when was in grade nine. Since then she was supported by her mother doing all sorts of works. Unfortunately, she lost her mother when she was in grade twelve. She scored 63.60% when she was in grade twelve. Dorji is from Tshering, central south of Bhutan.


Tshewang Gyeltshen 2012

BE Civil Engineering Navodaya Institute of Technology, India

Tshewang is from Lhuntse, the eastern Bhutan who was brought up by a single mother after his father died ten year ago. He has seven relatives. He took science when he was in grade twelve and scored 63.60%. However, he didn’t qualify for university colleges within Bhutan due to his poor English mark.