eccdcThere are many day care centres and kindergartens in the cities but very few places for early child development and learning in rural parts of Bhutan. This puts the rural children at disadvantage in education. Loden ECCD Centres aim to give equal opportunities to the rural children and help them gain an early start in education.

Changmari Samtse ECCD

Samtse is located in South Western Bhutan. Changmari is a block within Samtse and it was one of the first ECCD Centres established by Loden

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Lingmithang ECCD

Located in Mongar, the gateway to Eastern Bhutan, Lingmithang ECCD Centre is helpful to residents of Lingmithang. The residents includes civil servants, personnels working in Hydropower pojects and business set ups.

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Ura is a beautiful block under Bumthang district. The ECCD Centre adds extra beauty to the picturesque landscape of Ur with the little ones running around.

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