ACC finds no evidence of corrupt practice in Loden’s recruitment case

Dear friends, supporters and beneficiaries,

Many of you may be wondering about the investigation Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) took up in March 2018 following a complaint about the selection of our Development Manager in January 2018. We are pleased to report to you that ACC has closed the case as no evidence for corrupt practices was found.

We are grateful to ACC for the swift investigation and their kind suggestion to revoke the selection. We decided not to revoke the selection, unless there was proof of unethical practice, as it would be unfair to the candidate who got selected based purely on his merits through a fair process and the panels of judges who worked with high integrity and gave their time for free. The brief investigation was a helpful opportunity to strengthen our procedures with ACC’s guidance so that we continue delivering our modest services in the most fair, transparent and effective ways.

While this episode arising from a minor clerical error of application compilation occupied Kuensel’s headlines about Loden, we are pleased to report to you that during the same period, we continued providing our services of great significance to our beneficiaries across the country. Loden has selected 10 exciting entrepreneurial projects in April, trained some 230 aspiring entrepreneurs in Gelephu, inaugurated the new premise of the Loden Early Learning Centre in Samtse, and launched a website to further our ties with Japan. You can read more on this HERE

We count on your continued support to help us contribute to making Bhutan a better place.

The Board