2nd Global Entrepreneurship Week in Bhutan kicks off


Chief Executive of Loden introducing the GEW for the participants

The second Global Entrepreneurship Week in Bhutan kicked off early Today at Tarayana center with Loden’s Executive director and founding director introducing the programme and its aims and objectives to the participants.

Loden Foundation, starting last year, initiated global Entrepreneurship Week in Bhutan. The prime minister of Bhutan Lyonchen Tshering Tobgye graced the formal opening ceremony at City cinema hall after the lunch.


Founding director of Loden introducing the aims and objective of the GEW

As the programmes began in the morning, the founding director of Loden foundation, Dr. Karma Phuntsho, reminded about 200 participants of the entrepreneurship week the importance of positive attitude. “Start with a positive mind to benefit others followed by proper action,” he said meaning that the participants should be mindful of why they are taking part in this weeklong programme and aspire to benefit themselves and others.

Following the introduction, the first speaker Mr. Gerard Tary took the floor to speak on ‘Thinking about Entrepreneurship?’

As he went through many ways of thinking about entrepreneurship, he highlighted the good and bad reasons to become an entrepreneur.

One of the bad way of looking at entrepreneurship in Bhutan according him was the belief that you must have formal education. “This thinking is a poor reasoning,” he said. “Formal education is not required for entrepreneurship.” According to him, most of the great entrepreneurs, such as Steve Jobs are college dropouts. “But I am not encouraging to be a drop out here,” he said grinning.

Quoting examples of most successful entrepreneur like Bill Gates, he said that having an attitude to learn is important than having a formal education for an entrepreneur.


Mr Gerard Tardy speaking and presenting on ‘Thinking about Entrepreneurship?’


Mr. Axel Kroker presenting on ways of ‘Turning yesterday’s idea into today’s reality’










After the tea break Mr. Axel Kroker a management consultant, made a presentation entitled ‘Turning yesterday’s idea into today’s reality’ and emphasize

d the ways of taking an idea forward to successful implementation.

According to him, taking a short cut from an idea to action is not an entrepreneurial way of realizing an idea. He took the participants through the steps of taking an idea from inception to successful implementation.

It involved planning, analyzing the idea, controlling situations, improving the plan and finally acting on the plan and implementing, which would again need reevaluation to further improve and change.

The programme ended with a lunch for the participants.